Thursday, September 3, 2009

The start of a wonderful Friday morning

It's Friday morning...we woke to a good frost (promptly turned the heatpump on)!  Within a few short hours the sun was shining beautifully.  Emma and I walked Dylan to school, I love how walking always makes me feel better!

Once home, Emma said to me...."what can we do together mummy!"  A little secret, Emma and my favourite pastime is baking/cooking (I used to be a chef in a previous life before Emma came along).  So, out came the childrens cookbooks, which Emma poured over for ages, total concentration :)  The choice ( I had to narrow it down) was to make cookie dough.

Below is the pic of the first stage of cookie making.  We have plain, pink and chocolate dough made.  It is now in the fridge firming up.  Will follow up with another post of Emma's Cookies!

Daddy is coming home for lunch today, so he is in for a special treat! 

Emma is off to school in three weeks, so I find that I am treasuring this time alone with her more than I normally would (plus the fact that she is older and more pliable lol - instead of being bossy with no logic or reasoning!)

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