Thursday, September 24, 2009

My baby is no longer my baby - she's 5!

Emma turned five last weekend (has to be the fastest 5 years I have experienced) it does not seem that long ago that I was holding her in my arms for the first time! 

The above pic is Emma on her new toy.  She tells me that the bike, her baby bag from Jacqui at Mee a Bee and a complete set of Beatrix Potter Audio Storybooks (from Grandma and Grandad) are the best things that she has ever gotten and that she wants to turn 5 everyday!  I will post a pic of her with her new baby bag when I can get her to stand still enough to take a good photo (Jacqui's work deserves good photos!).

We had the typical birthday party befitting a 5 year old girl, fancy dress (there was a fairy coming to visit - who was worth her weight in gold as she entertained 9 little fairy girls, a fireman and a pirate).

 Cupcakes were on the menu!

As was face painting!

But this is my favourite pic - Dylan and Emma ready for school on her first day at school! She later that day lost her first tooth also!  A big week for Emma.  She loves school and is so proud of her uniform.

I feel so blessed to have such two wonderful kids! :)


TheSingingBird said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! :)

Brenda @ Natural Star said...

Thanks Becky :)

Little Lizzies said...

...My baby turned five almost two months is very quite around the house now!

Brenda @ Natural Star said...

Emma only had school visits last week, 3 half days,she starts school properly next term! Looking forward to the quiet days :)