Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eco Mums and Bubs - New Retail Stockist

I am thrilled to be supplying Eco Mums and Bubs in Australia with my Bamboo range of Baby Handknits. They have in stock newborn matching beanies and booties for the adorable little boys in your life and matching beanies, headbands and mary jane booties all with flowers for the gorgeous little girls in your life. They have an online web presence here with a retail shop opening soon. You can also read about their news and updates on their blog. They are well known for the brand Cheeky Butts Modern Cloth Nappies.

I am also busy getting another wholesale order ready to ship to them at present. More colours and sets in different sizes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Patterns coming soon!

With the success of releasing three patterns onto the market I am in the process of getting another 8 patterns test knitted. They will be available to purchase in my shop on Etsy over the next month.

ALSO, behind the scenes (where possible) are 10 new designs waiting to go from drawing to reality. All drawings and notes are completed and on paper. It is great to get them out of my head finally instead of clogging up the brain and not being able to focus on anything else! I will post on here when they are ready for release. My husband is so tolerant of me and my obsession.

PLUS, I have purchased some wonderful patterns both handknitted and crocheted off designers on Etsy with permission to sell these in my shop. You will see these new products plus some vintage handknits periodically appearing at Natural Star. These will be my light relief from orders, patterns and designing. Those nights where you just want to sit down and knit without thinking!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and more cupcakes!

I recently had the good fortune to meet Katherine (through her buying my Beanie with Flower Pattern that is for sale on Etsy). She is a fellow New Zealander who puts my cake decorating skills to shame (and I was a chef up until my son started school). Katherine claims to be an amateur at cake decorating...but, in my opinion I think that she should go professional and sell them!!! Her cakes are decorated far better than some of the professionals that I have used in the past.

Another reason that I think she should sell them is that then I could put in an order for the Hello Kitty cake for Emma's 5th birthday in September, she has fallen in love with it and wants one just like it for your birthday cake. (NO pressure Katherine ! lol) I shall just resort to leaving birthday cake decorating books laying around the house in the hope that she changes her mind to something that gives me step by step instructions.

Her blog 4 Goodness Cake started for a very different reason other than to showcase her master pieces, you can read about it in her profile. What an amazing friend and person Katherine is, and I am still envious of her cake decorating skills!
Pictures are from Katherine's Blog and were used with permission.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organic Baby

Another wonderful online presence for all things baby and organic. Organic Baby web directory and complete guide to natural parenting. A huge amount of information on one website! They have a New Zealand Website and a USA Website, just click on the country and you will find information relevant to the country of your choice.

You can also join their organic baby club for amazing benefits like a fabulous organic joining gift and monthly discounts.

They have a webstore with great baby products including Natural Star Merino Baby Handknits. You will also find their retail store Organic Baby (Green Living) at 115 Jackson Street Petone, Wellington, where they stock an amazing range of baby items.

There you will find the Beanies with flowers, booties and headbands. And, I am about to put another order of headbands in the post to them.