Friday, April 30, 2010

Emma's first Duathalon and School Disco

Emma had a really busy friday this week.  First up in the morning was her first major sporting event at school.

She had a lot of fun and is looking forward to the school cross country in a couple of weeks.  After recovering from biking and running around the school track (there was a lot of heavy puffing noises running to the finishing line) she raced home and got ready for her first school disco.  I was relieved that the day had arrived as it is all she has talked about for the last week!  Her big brother is totally over it!

Emma had a ball and was on the dance floor as soon as she was able to get in the doors.  When I went back to pick her up I found her break dancing - not something I taught her or am even capable of doing!  On the way home all she could talk about was the next disco - whenever that happens.

Time to play catch up!

The last couple of months have been pretty busy and sadly the blogging has been neglected! 

Both kids have settled into school really well this year, lots of school trips happening.  I was even lucky enough to see 4 Tarantula spiders on one of those trips!!! (I am not practicularly fond of household spiders).  On Monday Dylan is off to Arthurs Pass for the day with his class trip this term.

We have some new stockists on board with the Natural Star Brand and the website has been updated with a shopping cart.  It is still a work in progress with more products and features to be uploaded.  There are new stockists to add to the stockists page etc etc.  I am also adding a wholesale/re-seller page to the website which will be password access only.

I am also toying with the idea of being more regular on the Market scene.  I know from experience that this is very time consuming and a big committment...and I do rely on my weekends to play catch up and have time off with the family.  Maybe I could make it a family affair lol - somehow I don't think that would wear well with the two men in the family.  Emma would love to do it!

My patterns have been selling really well on E-patterns Central and Annie's Attic...I really need to devote more time to writing up and designing new products and patterns.  I have a pile of bits of paper that need to be typed up and then test knitted.  I also have a few new designs on the needles.  I call in multi tasking, my husband calls in confusing and why don't I just do one project at a time!  But I get bored with one project at a time.  We have taken on 4 new knitters in the last month...yay!  I have a fantastic team of ladies who are all beautiful knitters and love and care about the products as much as I do :)