Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Neglect!

Dylan Fly Fishing

While I have all good intentions to blog frequently, life has this habit of getting busy and I am the first to admit that when this happens the blog and the website are the first to be neglected.

We have had a few busy months with the business, picking up new stockists, researching products that will compliment my handknits and designing new patterns.  All of this I will share soon in it's own post.  This one is more of a catch up :)

Family life has been hectic, we have all been hit with the bugs and flus that are doing the rounds at the moment.  I have returned to work, doing what I did before Dylan's diagnosis and settling him into school at 5 years of age (I cannot believe that it was 6 years ago!).  Along with Natural Star, I am now working a 30hr week with 2 little new entrants with the same diagnosis as Dylan (ASD).  I am really loving it, life outside of the home!  Apart from the feeling more tired bit!

Dylan starts intermediate this coming year - which I know is going to be a hard couple of years for him and us as a family, the playground is not something he understands socially.  Thankfully we are seeing Alison Schroder - who runs Socially Speaking here in Christchurch.  There is the kids social clubs that Alison also runs that Dylan will be apart of.  This morning we have been to the Hospital Dentist as Dylan needed a tiny filling.  To have this done he has to be sedated and have a continuous supply of laughing gas for them to do it.  He is now lying on the sofa watching an endless supply of fishing DVDs.

Emma has her 6th birthday this month, she is such a girlie girl, but can also be such a tomboy.  This year we are having to make all the invitations (she is totally into crafts - I have trained her well, now she can tell her Dad that we are going shopping for supplies instead of me having to do it)!  Her favourite choice of clothes is dresses and skirts, as far as she is concerned these two items of clothing can be worn anywhere, even outside playing in the mud!  I am not allowed to buy clothes as a birthday present for her this year as she told me "Mum you won't buy what I like if I'm not there to help you", she also comes out with the quickest comebacks, the other day her father called her 'An Egg' she quick comeback was 'You Sausage'!