Sunday, March 4, 2012

Patterns and House Update

Where did the time go between my post last August and now?  It has been a hectic time on both a business and personal level.
I have currently just completed two new patterns, with two more near testing stage.  Below are the photo's of the two new patterns.  Abigail Shoes and Peek a Boo Blanket.

I am also in the process of changing the pattern format over on all the older patterns, ready to send to the printers ready for wholesale.  I am also in the process of changing over the copyright on the patterns, while you still cannot publish and sell the patterns in any forms, you can now create and sell the finished products. 

We are currently still in Ashburton until the end of this year for Dylan to finish year 8 and will then shift back up to Christchurch once we have the house ready (it is still structually sound - we figure that it is still standing after 4 good earthquakes so will continue to stay standing).   On the house front - it will not be touched for ages as it is in the major fixing/rebuild group, while they say it is fixable it's at what cost.  Here is a list of everything that has to be done... the house has to be lifted, ring foundation removed as well as all the piles, new ring foundation laid and new piles put it,  all summerhill stone removed and new put on (think we will opt for wood), while the cladding is all off they have to  refloor, make sure all the framework is level so that doors shut and walls are straight up and down. Remove roof and put in new support beams and rafters (we have peaked ceilings) and then redo every room inside the house.  Outside - garage has to be demolished and replaced, all paths and the driveway have to be removed and replaced, out terrace also has to be demolished and replaced.  As the guy said - the only thing they won't have to touch is some of the inside framing! The good thing is that we are no longer living in limbo and are starting to move on with our life with the knowledge from the insurance company that it is probably going to around three years before it is finished.