Friday, September 25, 2009

The latest pattern release


I have finally got around to having this pattern test knitted after having sold so many pairs of these adorable winter booties over the last 18 months or so.  Life gets so busy, and I get so many ideas that most times I seem to jump from one project to the next, without actually completing the first project.  In most instances it is with my patterns.  But due to customer pressure (I have many customers asking when such and such pattern is going to be ready - so this school holidays I am devoting any spare time I have to tidying up my patterns so that they can be passed onto the test knitters. 

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy, my website, Felt

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My baby is no longer my baby - she's 5!

Emma turned five last weekend (has to be the fastest 5 years I have experienced) it does not seem that long ago that I was holding her in my arms for the first time! 

The above pic is Emma on her new toy.  She tells me that the bike, her baby bag from Jacqui at Mee a Bee and a complete set of Beatrix Potter Audio Storybooks (from Grandma and Grandad) are the best things that she has ever gotten and that she wants to turn 5 everyday!  I will post a pic of her with her new baby bag when I can get her to stand still enough to take a good photo (Jacqui's work deserves good photos!).

We had the typical birthday party befitting a 5 year old girl, fancy dress (there was a fairy coming to visit - who was worth her weight in gold as she entertained 9 little fairy girls, a fireman and a pirate).

 Cupcakes were on the menu!

As was face painting!

But this is my favourite pic - Dylan and Emma ready for school on her first day at school! She later that day lost her first tooth also!  A big week for Emma.  She loves school and is so proud of her uniform.

I feel so blessed to have such two wonderful kids! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emma's Cookies....the finished product

As promised here is the finished product.  There were a heap more of them but the preschool teachers got spoilt for afternoon tea.  Emma went to preschool armed with a container of biscuits for her teachers.
She did really well, Dad enjoyed them and while he dropped Emma off at preschool for the afternoon, I got stuck with the clean up, typical!!

Hmmm these would be good for supper tonight, but sadly for me (not Emma or her Dad) these are not gluten free.

The start of a wonderful Friday morning

It's Friday morning...we woke to a good frost (promptly turned the heatpump on)!  Within a few short hours the sun was shining beautifully.  Emma and I walked Dylan to school, I love how walking always makes me feel better!

Once home, Emma said to me...."what can we do together mummy!"  A little secret, Emma and my favourite pastime is baking/cooking (I used to be a chef in a previous life before Emma came along).  So, out came the childrens cookbooks, which Emma poured over for ages, total concentration :)  The choice ( I had to narrow it down) was to make cookie dough.

Below is the pic of the first stage of cookie making.  We have plain, pink and chocolate dough made.  It is now in the fridge firming up.  Will follow up with another post of Emma's Cookies!

Daddy is coming home for lunch today, so he is in for a special treat! 

Emma is off to school in three weeks, so I find that I am treasuring this time alone with her more than I normally would (plus the fact that she is older and more pliable lol - instead of being bossy with no logic or reasoning!)