Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Time

We had a birthday in the household during the baby turned 4! Where did the time go. The theme for the day was dress ups, my now Miss 4 loves ballet dancers and music (her father is absolutely rapt as her favourite music is the concert programme with all the classical music)!

This was Miss 4's choice of birthday cake this year, she can be really girlie and yet is one of the boys as well, the day was really sunny which was great as we had 9 little friends to play.


LittleElf said...

Oh that is the cutest birthday cake ever! ^_^ Your daughter is adorable, love her little outfit. ^_^

Blooming said...

Wow! 9 friends! I stick with the same number of kids as the age. Biggie will be allowed 7 next birthday. Little Guy may never be allowed a party if he continues to throw blocks at people or turn everything into a baseball bat :) he's only two so it's early days.

Your sweetie looks gorgeous. Happy Birthday!

fluffnflowers said...

Your little girl is lovely! Happy late birthday to her, and I'd LOVE a piece of that cake. It looks so neat!