Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Knitting Challenge to Myself

This year I have decided to set myself a knitting challenge - to design 1 new blanket pattern every month.  12 New Blanket patterns for 2013.

I find blanket designing and knitting very relaxing and mostly done at night time while TV watching or on road trips :)

This is not saying that a new blanket pattern will be available every month for purchase, but that I have finished a design sample.  As the process after the sample being finished is
1. Writing up the pattern
2.  Sending the pattern off to the test knitters.
3.  Design sample sent to the photographer.
4.  Test knitting completed and pattern tweaked where needed.
5.  Pattern sent to the printers.
6.  After all that is done the pattern is available for sale :)

Some months may see two or three blankets patterns released at the same time.

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