Monday, May 9, 2011

Christchurch Winter Giveaway

This has now closed, I have received 28 emails for the babies in Christchurch this winter, all of which will receive a parcel, thank you.  All emails will be replied to this week and will include whether the recipient will receive the jacket and bootie set or the hat and bootie set.
Thank you to everyone that sent in emails.

Natural Star would like to do their bit with helping to keep the babies of Christchurch warmer this winter.
I am giving away 5 jacket and bootie sets (see pics above), plus an assortment of  20 hat and bootie sets.
If you yourself or a friend has been affected by the Christchurch earthquakes and is struggling to keep the house warm and dry and has a baby under a year...send me an email to with their name and address, babies age in months and boy or girl, plus if it is a friend a little message from you that you would like me to include in the parcel. 
The first 25 emails received will be entered into and five will be chosen by to receive a jacket and bootie set, the other 20 will be sent a hat and bootie set.

Please do not post their name in the comment section.

Brenda xx

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softearthart said...

What a lovely thought, and action to follow that thought. cheers Marie