Friday, April 30, 2010

Emma's first Duathalon and School Disco

Emma had a really busy friday this week.  First up in the morning was her first major sporting event at school.

She had a lot of fun and is looking forward to the school cross country in a couple of weeks.  After recovering from biking and running around the school track (there was a lot of heavy puffing noises running to the finishing line) she raced home and got ready for her first school disco.  I was relieved that the day had arrived as it is all she has talked about for the last week!  Her big brother is totally over it!

Emma had a ball and was on the dance floor as soon as she was able to get in the doors.  When I went back to pick her up I found her break dancing - not something I taught her or am even capable of doing!  On the way home all she could talk about was the next disco - whenever that happens.

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