Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello 2010!  We have successfully survived 2009 as a business and as a family.

Emma loves school and has now spent three months going to school.  She is not to sure on the holiday side of things as most mornings after her shower she asks "Can I put my uniform on today Mum?"  I cannot remember being that enthusiastic about school and I know for certain that her brother wasn't.                                 

Dylan has made huge progress after a really busy year of new therapists - mainly in the area of expressing himself especially with the anxieties.  There now seems to be a bit more logic.  He is now able to tell us which part of his body is sick as usually he will have a tummy ache but in reality after 10 mins of the parents doing detective work we find out that he has a sore ankle.  He can now also rate his anxiety level and depending on the level can, with help, put a strategy in place as to what could make it better.  It helps that his anxiety rating is based on the sizes of different fish.  With all this happening the meltdowns (due to the frustration of not being able to tell us what he wants) are now few and far between.  2010 is looking good from here.

I find the talking thing with Dylan fascinating as this kid can talk all day and generally does.  But to tell us how he is feeling, what is going on inside his head is a major hurdle for him.  It is common on the spectrum but I still find it fascinating that a kid that is so verbal has trouble expressing himself.  It is the same with the emotional feelings...happy, sad or angry are fine.  But the others like - guilty, offended, etc the more subtle gestures just go over the top of his head.  He IS looking forward to school after the holidays - not a bad achievement at year 6!

The business had a really good 2009 with lots of new stockists and over 50% of this years sales were from returning customers, along with the new customers.  This year is also another year of lots happening at Natural Star headquarters. We have a couple of new B+M stockists coming onboard with the brand in the early part of the year.  The next three months are going to be busy with new patterns being released soon and I am currently working on the finishing touches of the new designs for release in Feb/March.  I am so excited about these new designs...but will blog more on them later.  This year will also see the arrival of another new product - Natural Star Knitting Kits!

2010 is also the year that I promise to try and blog more!

Wishing you all a safe and prosperous 2010!

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