Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Queenstown Road Trip

I am now just getting back into the swing of things after having a wonderful weekend away with just my husbands company.  Emma went for her first sleepover at Grandma and grandads...and better still....she enjoyed it so much that she can not wait to do it again!  Dylan went to his Nannies and had a great time, although he brought the tummy bug back into our house! (Not so good).

We chose to go to Queenstown even though it was just an overnight stay, it was more about the drive and spending time with each other, plus for me - NO COOKING.  (Dylan is on a restricted diet which means everything is pre-thought and life pretty much revolves around meal times - will it seems that way).

For those that know us well, will know that we are car enthusiasts, mainly of the vintage variety (we have two, one that is for sale and a newly acquired toy to do up).  For this trip we were able to borrow my father in law's convertible.  (About as cosy as it gets!) 

We spent all saturday driving and eating our way to Queenstown.  We stopped off at some fantastic cafes on the way, one in Fairlie which is new.  But my fav one was The Tin Goose in Cromwell.  Weather going down was a bit dismal, we only managed to have the hood down for about 15mins.  The return trip on Sunday faired better weather wise and we had the hood down most of the time.  There is just something magical about feeling the breeze and sun on your face when travelling in an open car.


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Piper + Lily said...

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